The first 10 things I want to do in Breath of the Wild

Since there are 10 days left until we will finally be able to play Breath of the Wild, I wanted to take a moment to post the first 10 things I want to do as soon as I start playing. If you haven’t watched any of the trailers, gameplay footage and have been trying to stay away from every tiny little thing that might be a spoiler, just go ahead and don’t read this. Otherwise, continue on!

Since the first part of the game is basically waking up, getting dressed and leaving a cave, The 10 things I’m going to talk about will all come after that. Whether or not I put on the supplied “well worn” clothing may be a game time decision.


The very first thing I want to do when I leave the cave is go left. I think I may have seen one or two gameplay videos where someone went left instead of down the hill to the right, I still can’t remember much about it. Even though the game kind of makes you want to go see the only other living person within eyesight, I want to explore a bit first. That is the idea behind this game after all, right?


  1. Use the 30th Anniversary Amiibo to start the game off with a few extra things. Between my birthday and valentines day I managed to get all four of the 30th Anniversary Amiibo, and while the first thing I want to do with them is find an awesome way to show them off, the second thing I want to do is use them to get extra stuff in Breath of the Wild!zelda-dlc
  2. Search for the 3 new treasure chests that I’m going to get with the DLC Expansion Pas that I am of course going to buy before I even start the game. Not sure how I’ll know that they are the three chests that come with the Expansion Pass and not just chests that haven’t shown up in the gameplay videos yet, but finding them is definitely at the top of my list. I mean, exclusive in-game clothing has awesome written all over it!old-man
  3. Talk to the old man. Yes I could just skip him and go on with my exploring, but I am just as interested in the story of this game (maybe even more so) than exploring the land. That first trailer with the wonderful voiceover did a great job of making that the case. So, even though I don’t have to, after my bit of exploring, I’m going to go talk to that old fart, and get the game rolling the way it should.temple
  4. Scour the Temple of Time. I know a lot of it has already been shown off in the multitude of gameplay videos posted on Youtube, but watching someone else climb to the top of the Temple is no substitute for going there yourself. Not to mention, who knows what goodies they took out for the E3 demo that may be hiding there in the final version.tower
  5. Activate the Resurrection Towers. Gotta keep the gameplay going! Even though I know there will be a ton to do on the Plateau, I (along with many others) will probably be ready to explore the rest of the vast world that we have yet to see. Activating the towers is just the next step in getting there… plus it has a pretty awesome set of cut scenes.quilted-shirt
  6. Climb to the top Mt. Hylia. It’s not only the tallest point on the Great Plateau, but it’s also where you can get the quilted shirt (which helps you survive in cold weather). this could go along with furthering the story, but I see it as getting an item that will be very useful, along with a bit more exploration.shrine
  7. Next I’ll probably knock out the first few shrines so I can get the paraglider and get myself off of the Plateau. Acquiring the Rune skills will also be nice, though, and that will lead me to the last thing I plan on doing before I go forward with the great jump.hunting
  8. I need to stock up on the best stuff I can get… at this point at least. So far I had not made a point to attack enemies, find the best weapons, or even start gathering food, but I definitely want to do that before making the leap into the rest of the vast world of Hyrule!jump
  9. JUMP! I have a few ideas of things I may want to do after that, but really everything else is still up in the air!

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