5 LoZ conventions Breath of the Wild is breaking

It’s no secret that Breath of the Wild is a much different game than most of the Zelda titles before it. Aonuma and Miyamoto even specifically said that they were trying to get away from many of the set conventions in the Legend of Zelda to come up with something that is both new and familiar at the same time. Something that would take the direction of the games back to where it all started. So what are these conventions that they seem to have broken? I’m sure once we actually play the game there will be more, but from what we know so far, here are 5 that I have found.


1. This is the first game with Voice Acting. Link has always been, and still is, a silent character, but up until now all characters have technically been silent. With Breath of the Wild that is no more. We finally get to hear the voice of Zelda, hopefully Ganon (Ganondorf?!?!?!?!), the Great Deku tree, and many others. From the trailer the voices, in my opinion, sound very well done, and I am very much looking forward to all the other voices we have yet to here!


2. Link is no longer an avatar for the player. The character of Link was originally named Link simply because he was meant to be a “link” between the player and the game. The ability to change his name was meant to make it seem as if the character was actually you, and not some guy named Link. This time name changing is not available, and Link is finally himself with his own story. Of course I always saw him as Link no matter what name I gave him so even though this is a big departure from part of the intent of the Legend of Zelda games, it isn’t really that big of a deal for me.


3. Where the heck to I go? There is no “set” path in this game, and In fact, even if two players were to follow the exact same path, thanks to the AI, physics and weather in the game, it would be extremely unlikely that they would have the exact same experience. This isn’t a full departure for the series, but more of a jump back to it’s roots when you started the game with nothing but a choice to either go left, up, right or check out that nifty cave. Breath of the Wild actually provides the player with a small bit more direction than the original Legend of Zelda, but not much more. Definitely a big change from the “tutorial” beginnings of many of the past Zelda games, and the areas that you aren’t allowed to access until you complete a certain task.


4. Cutting grass just doesn’t pay what it used too. In fact, in Breath of the Wild you can’t find rupees or hearts in the grass. In past games farming rupees in the grass was a good way to build up some cash fairly quickly, but in Breath of the Wild you’ll actually have to work for that money by finding (or hunting) for things to sell, and you will have to replenish your health by cooking and eating food. Definitely a big change for those of use who thought Link had a side job mowing lawns.


5.”Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.” Yep, in Breath of the Wild Link can climb more than just vines and ladders. In fact, he can actually climb every single mountain… provided he has a big enough stamina boost or has increased his stamina gauge accordingly. This goes right along with there being no set path. You have the freedom to go where ever you want, as long as Link is physically able to.

There are probably many more than this, but these are just five that we already know of. Of course do comment below if you know of any I missed, and in less than a month we will see all!


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