5 Things I want to see in Breath of the Wild

So far there has been a lot revealed about Breath of the wild from the trailers and gameplay we have seen so far, and even Aonuma has given us a few clues, but at the same time it feels like we still don’t know anything. So, based on what we have seen, and what we haven’t, here are 5 things I really hope to see when we finally get to play Breath of the Wild.


5. The Green Tunic. I’m pretty sure that just as we know the Master Sword is in the game that the Hero’s Tunic will also be in the game. How it will be acquired, and what it’s “abilities” will be interesting to find out, and it probably won’t be easy to get unless it’s part of the storyline as it has been in other games, but I will be at least a little dissapointed if it doesn’t make an appearance.


4. Ganondorf. We know that the big baddy is known as “Calamity Ganon,” but from the History of the Legend of Zelda, we also know that Ganon is simply the Beast form of Ganondorf. There have been games with Ganon and no Ganondorf… notably before Ganondorf was introduced, but it could be that there is only Ganon and no Ganondorf, but I do really hope that is not the case. Ganondorf has been my favorite LoZ villain since he was introduced, and as such it would make me extremely happy to see him again in Breath of the Wild.


3. Ganondorf’s Voice. We know that all cutscenes in Breath of the Wild will have voice acting, so if Ganondorf does indeed make an appearance I am very much looking forward to finally hearing his voice. Even if Calamity Ganon does not take the form of Ganondorf but someone else, I still think he should and hopefully will have an epically evil voice.


2. The Triforce. There have been Zelda games without the Triforce, but not a game with Ganon that did not also have the Triforce. Since we already know the villain appears to be at least some version of Ganon it would make sense that the Triforce would also make an appearance. If we are able to acquire the Triforce before the end of the game and actually use it to defeat Ganon as we did in Skyward Sword against Demise, then that would make it even better.


1. The Sacred Realm. If Breath of the Wild does indeed take place during or after the Imprisoning War as many theorists have suggested, then it would make sense for the Sacred Realm to make an appearance. If so, will we be able to travel there as in Link to the Past, or will it simply be the prison where Ganon is finally locked away? As I talked about in an earlier post, Zelda games have been known for having a big plot twist half way through the game that causes you to have to “beat everything again” so could there be an alternate “Sacred Realm” version of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild that we will have to travel to in order to finally defeat, or seal away Ganon? If so, does that mean the already incredibly large world of Breath of the Wild could be double that size?


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