Why I’m getting the Switch version of Breath of the Wild

A few years ago we sucked it up and bought a Wii U mainly because we wanted it, but also because I was certain they were making a Zelda game for it. I mean they had already been talking about it since the Wii U was released, so it had to be coming soon right? So when Nintendo finally announced Breath of the Wild would be released on the Wii U and the Switch, I was a little upset since I had really hoped it was going to be the Wii U Zelda game I had been hearing about all this time. Still, the game itself quickly won me over and I knew that I would definitely be getting it, but would it be worth purchasing a completely new console just for a new Zelda game?

Well, I think that answer is YES! Thankfully the Wii U really did end up being a good purchase for us, as my wife is almost as big of a fan of Mario as I am of Zelda, so between the Mario games, Lego games (Dimensions is Awesome!), a couple offshoots and the few Virtual Console games we have, it has gotten it’s share of play time… and even with the Switch on the way, I don’t see our Wii U getting immediately pushed into the back corner thanks to the non backward compatible Switch. Last I saw there is still at least another year of Lego Dimensions releases to come too.


Anyway, with all the use our Wii U has had, and as much as we have enjoyed it, why would I decided to fork out $300 for a new console just so I could play Breath of the Wild? Well it must be the better graphics. Yea, the Switch does have a better frame rate, better draw distance and (in my opinion) better color and saturation than the Wii U footage we have seen, but that’s not what made me say yes. In fact, even though the graphics do look better, the only Wii U footage is from 6 months ago, and could have also been updated to have the better color/saturation, and possibly even had some of the frame rate issues fixed and maybe increased draw distance. The hardware on the Switch is better, but this game was made for the Wii U, so the difference in graphics may not really be enough to make a difference.

So if better graphics aren’t a good enough reason, what is? One word. Options. On the Wii U I would of course have the option of playing the game on our TV, or on the Gamepad if my wife wanted to watch the TV. That has been very useful for us because that situation does happen quite a bit. However, by getting a Switch it opens up even more options. Now we will be able to play games on the Switch ANYWHERE, including on the TV or couch, and one of us could even play games on the Switch while the other is playing the Wii U. I can absolutely see that happening too. Having the option of playing Breath of the Wild at home on my TV, or at work during my lunch break was enough to convince me that was the way to go. The possibility of better graphics or smoother gameplay was just an added bonus!


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